Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Living Vicariously} Culinary Student & Food Writer: Marcelle Richards, Part 2

Have you ever dreamed of going to culinary school? I have. I fantasize about perfecting a 1/2" dice and saying, "yes, chef." My friend Marcelle is currently living that dream, after earning a bachelors degree at the University of Wisconsin. She attends culinary school at Madison Area Technical College and she writes an awesome food blog called Gastropacalypse. Marcelle also writes about food in The Isthmus and Our Lives Magazine

I had the chance to interview Marcelle in february (click here to link back to Part 1 of this {Living Vicariously} segment and get Marcelle's recipe for Buffalo Mac & Cheese), to find out a little bit more about culinary school. 

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Who else would you like to live vicariously through? Let me know, and I'll try to make it happen!

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