About me:
A while back, I had an important realization about myself. I am obsessed with food. When I found out I was leaving New York at the end of the summer 2010, I signed myself up for "Techniques of Fine Cooking 1" at the Institute of Culinary Education. I arrived on the first day just knowing that everyone around me also had dreams about the texture of avocados, and received mostly kitchen supplies for holiday and birthday presents. I assumed they would all have read many of former NYTimes Food Critic Ruth Reichl's fine novels and would be eager to discuss them. I was wrong. The other students in the class did love food. They loved to cook. They wanted to improve their skills and learn how to confit tuna and make the perfect roast chicken.

But, I was obsessed.

It was one of those moments in adulthood that, like so many others, make me realize that my parents raised me in a very unique way. I thought back to the bookshelves full of cookbooks in my childhood home. I remembered how I would fall asleep reading about the seasonal soups from the Soup Monastery cookbook or stay up way too late reading about the best way to roast vegetables. I flashed back to the last phone conversation I'd had with my mother, where we debated the best way to improve upon an already amazing chocolate cake recipe she had recently discovered (praline? caramel? pecans?).

Food is my life.

So, already on course to move away from New York City and pursue an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, I realized that I had to have somewhere to write about and explore food. 

This blog is my small solution to that need. I welcome any comments, especially ones that will help me improve. Thanks for reading!

I'm now back in New York City, working for Ketchum. The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

About the flavorfull blog:
I believe that food should be (first and foremost) a great experience. I want this blog to help you accomplish those great moments. Food is a comfort, and a way to bring people together.  I hope the recipes here will provide you that.

If you're brand new in the kitchen, I hope the recipes here are accessible to you and help you find your way. Please let me know (you can email me, or find me on facebook or twitter) if you have any questions about cooking, would like a "how to" on something, or need clarification on any recipes. I'll be happy to help. If you're an old pro in the kitchen, I hope you find great twists on comfort food and some good staples here. 

All photographs included on the blog are taken by me, excepting the photo of the fork in the header.  That photo was taken by my friend, the talented photographer, Ryan Lew. You can see some of his other work at: http://timeinmoments.b0x.com/. The photos in the Muesday posts are taken by the bloggers that I'm linking out to right below the photo.

All of the recipes posted are created or adapted by me (unless otherwise cited). I make each and every recipe--often times more than once--and eat each and every recipe (again, often times more than once). 

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