Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another reason to love mushrooms...

As soon as I could reach the kitchen sink, my job was to help my mother prep our dinner. I'd usually wash vegetables, (when I was old enough, I chopped them too), but not mushrooms.

No, never did I wash the mushrooms. With the mushrooms, I'd take a specially purchased brush and gently wipe the dirt off each mushroom. If I didn't love mushrooms so much, I would have given them up immediately. But, because of my extreme love of mushrooms, I carried on. 

If you experience a similar internal battle every time you cook with mushrooms, I have got some great news for you.
I got this picture of mushrooms here.
STOP BRUSHING YOUR MUSHROOMS IMMEDIATELY. Just wash them. They're dirty aren't they? Do you want to eat that dirt?

I didn't think so.

At a cooking class I took at the Institute of Culinary Education this summer, Chef Instructor Jane Brock told us that washing mushrooms was common place in France, at Le Cordon Bleu (Gasp. Of all places!)

It's true, you can wash your mushrooms. If you'd like a more scientific explanation of why, please see Alton Brown's elaboration on the topic.

Have you begun to wonder, now, if any of your other trusted cooking advisors passed down old wives tales? I'd love to debunk some myths for you. Email me comments at, find me on twitter @flavorfullblog or

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