Monday, November 14, 2011

Golden Boy Pizza (North Beach, San Francisco)

Before reading the rest of this, remember: I don't do restaurant reviews. I do, however, give recommendations to other foodies. I can't help myself, because when I think things taste really, really good, I don't want you to miss them. And, apparently, I'm particularly passionate when it comes to pizza.

And we're back in. Remember when I went to San Francisco?
It is a very cool city, with a pretty skyline. As a New York girl at heart, though, I was a bit biased. Sure, I thought, it has a skyline. But does it have charming neighborhoods? 

Apparently, yes. It does. I am particularly fond of North Beach--it has an almost indescribable character. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a picture from the parking garage my aunt and I parked in, when we spent an afternoon in North Beach. Every parking stall has fortunes and quotes--a daily dose of inspiration. I chose my favorite to share with you.
Since fortunes can sometimes act as self-fulfilling prophecies, we ended up exploring the culinary delights of the neighborhood soon after parking. My aunt and uncle had spent the weekend raving about Golden Boy Pizza, and I had to try it. 
People, this is show stopping pizza. It's really, really good. We got the fully loaded option, seen below. You're looking at cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and sausage. As a result of this slice, I was forced to add pizza to the list of things San Francisco is doing right. I had no choice.
In short, I've got two main points. First, if you're anywhere near North Beach, go to Golden Boy Pizza. Second, although I feel most at home in New York City, give me a skyline, and a neighborhood with personality and good pizza, and...I'm happy.

Have a great week, and expect some Thanksgiving side dishes in this space soon.

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  1. i love north beach ~ i used to live in the bay area ~ and that was always my favorite spot to visit in the city! thanks for the great review, i never pass up great pizza!!
    xx ~ kristina


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