Friday, August 12, 2011

Seattle, Pike Place Market, Delancey

Hello dear readers. I do apologize for the delay in posting. I was a little distracted because I was running around enjoying myself on vacation with my family. You see, even though my mother was born in Washington state, I'd never been there before. My parents and I spent time with our extended family, and then explored Seattle before catching a flight home. First, we went to Pike Place Market.
If you've ever seen footage of men throwing fish to each other at a big farmer's market--this is that place. I did, for the record, witness fish being thrown. But, alas, there was somebody in my way each time I tried to snap a picture of the Alaskan Salmon flying through the air. Regardless of if you get to see the fish-tossing or not, this market is incredible. 
Fresh flowers, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and cheese stretch as far as the eye can see. It is a chef's paradise (I would assume). It is most definitely a food blogger's paradise. 
Speaking of food bloggers, one of my favorite food bloggers is based in Washington. Ashley, from Not Without Salt, was kind enough to send me a list of her personal favorite spots to grab a great meal in Seattle. My family and I tried a few of them, and there is one I must share with you--I don't want you to miss it if you have the opportunity to be in Seattle. 

Now, this is not a restaurant review blog. I lack the professional training to tell you truly if what I eat is prepared in a precise manner, and I lack the budget (and time) to eat at great restaurants multiple times in the space of a month, in order to write a comprehensive review that addresses quality as well as consistency.

However, sometimes I just know I'm right when food is delicious. So, from one foodie to another, here's a restaurant recommendation for next time you're in Seattle. Go to Delancey. Immediately.
This pizza joint (I use the word "joint" loosely, since the ambiance here is ten million times better than that of a pizza joint) is brought to you by Molly Wizenberg of Orangette and her husband Brandon Pettit (a man who loves pizza).  
We ordered the Cremini Pizza (mushrooms, thyme, olive oil and mozzarella--yum), the Brooklyn (I had to show my favorite boro some love), with Basil added, and the Sausage pizza (housemade pork fennel sausage played a leading role). 
Oh my god. That pizza was delicious. And that's coming to you from a girl who flew straight to Seattle from NYC. I'm a little bit of a pizza snob, people, and this was some of the best pizza I've had. The sauce was light and complimented the fresh ingredients, rather than overpowering them. The crust did the same. Oh, and dessert. For dessert we ordered the Raspberry Pavlova--Meringue, topped with greek yogurt, topped with raspberries, topped with whipped cream-- and a warm chocolate chip cookie. I would share a photo with you, but we loved it so much that the only photo I have shows an empty plate scraped clean.  In short, you must go to Delancey. And, if you love food, you should probably check out Seattle as a whole. 


  1. Three things:
    1) Yum!!!
    2) Brooklyn is your favorite borough? Really?!? ;)
    3) Pavlova on a dessert menu? That's so rare and so amazing!


  2. Thanks for reading and commenting :) Brooklyn is definitely my favorite borough, though it does depend on the day and Manhattan is always a very close second!

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