Saturday, June 18, 2011

Museday #6 {Recipe for a Perfect Saturday}

1. Find a local market (I'm a big fan of Smorgasburg, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

 2. Engage with local vendors (Brown Butter BrooklynKumquat CupcakerySalvator Brooklyn, are among a few of my many favorites at Smorgasburg) and learn new things (like Market Share, a soon-to-be shared kitchen space, or Wellness In The Schools, an educational stand about a program that helps promote healthy food in schools in NYC).

 3. Eat super well (duh).
Fresh Squeezed OJ + Almond Croissant at Almondine

Almond Croissant at Almondine

Mini pies (that's a keylime-tequila pie with a corn chip crust in the back) from Brown Butter Brooklyn

Mini cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery--the Maple Pecan Bacon ones are delicious

4. Lay in the sun while you digest your meal. Possibly while reading a food-related publication.

5. If you can, take in a skyline...

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