Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Union South-A New Dining Destination on the UW Campus

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have over 5 new dining options to explore this week. The new (and improved) Union South opened last week on campus, amid student fanfare.  I had the opportunity to take a quick look around today and was stunned by the options. 

Though I'm most excited for the opening of Ginger Root, a restaurant that will serve Asian cuisine starting in the Fall of 2011, I can definitely appreciate the various opportunities for pizza, sandwiches, pub fare, ice cream and of course...every college student's favorites...coffee & beer
In fact, and this may be a first, I think I'd like to go on a date in my student union. To go get Beer & Tapas. Or maybe wine from a wine bar! The possibilities are endless! Okay, well, that might be an exaggeration. But, the point is, Union South is amazingly cool. If you live in the Madison area and haven't checked it out yet, go there immediately. And, grab a beer. And maybe some pub fare. No matter what you eat, live it up.

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  1. Ah! I look forward to trying out these restaurants. I do hope, however, that they are a large step up from the University's usual foods.

    Anyway -- cool to see another student in the food blogosphere. I just happened upon your blog one day, though upon mentioning my new (and still in progress) blog someone mentioned a grad student in our department (I am in LSC) who also is a food blogger and I think that may be you!


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