Monday, December 13, 2010

{Holiday Gift Guide} What to Get For Your Foodie Friends

The holidays are upon us and some of us are....just getting around to the holiday shopping. If you've still got a foodie friend or two to cross off of your shopping list (or, if friends and family are asking for a wish list you don't have time to make and you are the foodie friend), then look no further. I've tried to list options in multiple price ranges that any foodie would love. I've also listed only things that can be purchased (with a shipping option) online. Because, well, the Internet is my saving grace when it comes to last-minute holiday shopping. A sincere thanks to Miranda @Haute Headquarters for the gift guide inspiration...

1. Real Vanilla Extract  $10-$19

7. High Quality Chef's Knife $130

8. Cooking Classes** $95-$595

*=Before giving countertop appliances as gifts, keep the size of your foodie friend's kitchen in mind. If your foodie friend lives in a tiny apartment in New York City (or anywhere else for that matter), you might want to ask before giving anything that would take up valuable counter or closet space. Or, you may want to search for some smaller version of that gift.

**= I really enjoyed the multi-day course I took at the Institute of Culinary Education this summer (from Chef Jane Brock), which is why I mention these specifically. If these classes are out of your price range (or out of your way), there are many other options. Most mid-sized and large cities have culinary schools that offer amateur courses. 

All of the prices above are as listed on websites I frequent, and do not include shipping and handling. The brands I've represented are brands that I actually use, and have not been paid or otherwise compensated to mention. 

Stay tuned for chocolate indulgence at its finest, coming later this week. And, Happy Holidays!


  1. Love the apron and I will be checking out The Flavor Bible asap. All great ideas (and thanks for the link back!) xoxo

  2. No Way! The Flavor Bible just arrived on my doorstep Yesterday. Haven't ready it yet though.


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